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Game 3- Wow ! GSW did it again !

Wow! What a game tonight was- and I could just tell KD- that’s Kevin Durant- would be a major cause of this 3/0 upset! Actually I’m not surprised but something I found on Twitter last Saturday did ! Check this … Continue reading

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Birdman is Back and How about those Denver Nuggets ?

and other great news… Back in November I put up an entry about several topics in sports but wrote at length about the disappearance of Birdman Chris Andersen after the Nuggets opted out of his contract. Coach Karl hadn’t been … Continue reading

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Birdman, NBA and Football

Well, the NBA fall season is here with plenty of leaves and only a few stays. Specifically in the Nuggets case- how about Lawson’s haul of 48 million dollars for an extension of four more years? I wish someone would … Continue reading

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Christmas Miracles

  It’s been quite a year of struggle, opposition and at times, just sheer bad luck. I have to be honest. The fact that I have survived 2011 makes me feel like I’m doing something right but I think I’m … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the NBA ?

2 words:     Lockout and the unforgiveable Pay to Play.     Oh for the good old days of Michael and insane salaries, huh ?   Hope springs eternal, The Castle Lady

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Look Back in Awe

                                  With the playoffs now a not so pleasant memory in the short distance, I decided to write a few thoughts on this season that might have escaped even the most astute fans of the Nuggets. I consider … Continue reading

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Play-off Ides

      Just a quick warning to the Nuggets.                                     Remember January 2007, home game with the Nets? Defense can be very tricky around some people. Beware the ides of Vince Carter.  Just a tap on the shoulder from  The Castle … Continue reading

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December 31, 2008~ An NBA History Maker

                  #11 Anderson  #43 Kleiza      Coach Karl of the Nuggets has made NBA history right on time this year. On the last game of the year 2008, Nuggets won 114-107 over the Raptors making history for George … Continue reading

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Basketball Jones

            This song was written by Richard A. "Cheech" Marin and Thomas Chong, better known as Cheech y Chong by the American fans. This song was on their album Los Cochinos. Barry White and Chris Rock have done … Continue reading

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