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Making the Most of Now

Only one person in a thousand knows the trick of really living in the present. -Storm Jameson If you find that you often don’t sufficiently get the right kind of attention from people you meet or even family and friends, … Continue reading

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The Bible as Poetry

by Walt Whitman Translated in all languages, how has it united this diverse world ! No true bard will ever contravene the Bible. If the time ever comes when iconoclasm does its extremest in one direction against the books of … Continue reading

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The Uncommon Man

Doesn’t it seem that this holiday in particular is the most neglected ? What traditions do we have for this day except for sales in every store. Do we all agree that this was hardly it’s purpose? That seems a … Continue reading

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Bon mots for 2015

The following is lucid writ by a friend and fellow flutist of mine, Jan Spell Pritchard. Some years ago she put this in her Flute Network monthly bulletin and I felt that it was so good that I have decided … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Milestone

The following writ was spoken on the battlefield of Gettysburg by Abraham Lincoln on November 18, 1863 after a civil war battle that rocked the world for bloodshed and struggle. He wrote this proclamation which is known as The Gettysburg … Continue reading

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Earth: The Undefended Fortress

Imagine this…. The earth started out as a round land mass with one very large continent. The ocean surrounded the continent like a moat. Comets are like siege missiles hurled by an unknown enemy. Over the centuries comets and the … Continue reading

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Always…. an Irish Wish

Always remember to forget The things that made you sad. But never forget to remember The things that made you glad. Always remember to forget The friends that proved untrue. But never forget to remember Those that have stuck by … Continue reading

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Get Back to Work ?

Business as usual, I see ! The Castle Lady

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Winters’ Tales and other bizarre coincidences…

I don’t know how many of my regular and occasional readers noticed the obit for Jonathan Winters in the paper or internet news last month but I found a really bizarre coincidence just by accident on the day they ran … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Friend

As this is officially the ides of March I contemplated what a good poem would be, in celebration. On this very day, forty-four years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, was assassinated by a group … Continue reading

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