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May Day in England 1851

This depiction is Queen Victoria holding little Prince Arthur who has Lily of the Valley (or Muguet des Bois) in his right hand to present to the Duke of Wellington (whose name was Arthur, as well!). The Duke is also … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast

retold by Madame Leprince de Beaumont as the original version Once upon a time there was a rich merchant who had six children-three boys and three girls and his daughters were very beautiful but the youngest was admired the most. … Continue reading

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Bon mots for 2015

The following is lucid writ by a friend and fellow flutist of mine, Jan Spell Pritchard. Some years ago she put this in her Flute Network monthly bulletin and I felt that it was so good that I have decided … Continue reading

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Sunsets: Reprise

http://ilovecastles.blogspot.com/2010/10/sunsets_13.html http://matite.over-blog.com/article-les-crepuscules-67865314.html J’adore les crepuscules aussi,  The Castle Lady aka Le Château Demoiselle

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Le Dilemme: Porté Manquant

 Pouvez-vous donne moi portance ? Mon village a telephonée. Ils dit nous idiot a disparu ! translation: Can you give me a lift ? My village called. Our idiot is missing!

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How about some more castle humor ?

I’ve been saving these up for a rainy day. It rained today. Knock yourself out !  LOL –The Castle Lady     Free Range by Bill Whitehead at Creators.com         Love not war from The Castle Lady  

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Goumy et la forêt de Broceliande

    Cette conte dediée à m’ami Florent parce que j’il est manque si beaucoup. “Je t’arrive voir en passant à travers mon vie, si je penserais je voudrais t’aimé.” transl: ” I saw you passing through my life so I thought I’d love … Continue reading

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Lily of the Valley

  A grand  old French  tradtion   For May Day I offer you a pretty sprig of Lily of the Valley in honor of our friendship. May 1, 2009    http://matite.over-blog.com (Pour á lire en Francais )       Song of Solomon … Continue reading

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La France

I have enjoyed Michel Sardou’s music for many years as he is one singer I supremely admire for his passion and fire as much as the actual music. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who can sing like him today. … Continue reading

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  This poem by Rudyard Kipling, who is my favorite poet, curiously has a French title. It means “The Consignment”. He probably should have titled it “The Great Commission” but Rudyard Kipling was a humble man, a great conversationalist and he … Continue reading

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