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Earth is Full of His Glory

Today is coming to a close but I wanted to post something even though the real celebration of Earth Day is just getting out there and enjoying it. As much as humans may be in error in how we treat … Continue reading

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Wellness = Nutrition + Exercise

By now you have probably read more than a hundred articles on proper nutrition and diets if you have been online for more than a few years and you follow the health and wellness trends with any amount of fervor. … Continue reading

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Spring Snow Day Fun!


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Yoga Month ? Yoga Life !

According to some travel news e-briefs I’ve been getting recently, this past month has been Yoga Month and I think awareness of this discipline is a great idea. For me, it’s been a Yoga life for more than two decades … Continue reading

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The Skating Subculture

 Having once been a part of the roller-skating phenomenon which stretched from the late 70s clear into the mid-90s of the previous century I understand what makes skaters so dedicated and faithful to their pastime and/or lifestyle. As a world in … Continue reading

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Zone and Exercise

Back in 1983 when dieting, for me, was a bad word (the letters d i e glared me in the face !) I found that during my monthly female cycle I would gain and lose no less than five pounds … Continue reading

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Laugh a Little, Smile a Little, Live a Little…

Now that we’re at the threshold of       it’s time to get some serious action going.. or not so serious ! Are you serious ? ! ?  Maybe he just wants to cool off !          How about those crazy kids ? … Continue reading

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