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This poem may be quite popular from the 20th century, as the first line of it was often quoted by my mother. Not knowing how Ms. Brontë’s popularity grew through time, I dare not say for sure. Certainly not the … Continue reading

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This poem was written at a time when she had given up on a teaching post at nearby Halifax in West Yorkshire and had yet to have gone abroad with Charlotte, her older sister, to study European languages in Brussels. … Continue reading

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The Visionary

by Emily Brontë Silent is the house: all are laid asleep: One alone looks out o’er the snow-wreaths deep; Watching every cloud, dreading every breeze That whirls the wildering drift, and bends the groaning trees.   Cheerful is the hearth, … Continue reading

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Emily’s Best Shortest Shorts

Woods, ye need not frown on me- Spectral trees, that so dolefully Shake your heads in the dreary sky, Ye need not mock so bitterly!       (1836)   The sun has set, and the long grass now Waves drearily in … Continue reading

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Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee?

Shall Earth no more inspire thee, Thou lonely dreamer now? Since passion may not fire thee Shall Nature cease to bow?   Thy mind is ever moving In regions dark to thee; Recall its useless roving- Come back and dwell … Continue reading

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Starry Night

In commentary by Robert Van de Weyer, Emily is described as the daughter of an Anglican parson and was raised, along with her contemporary surviving siblings, by her aunt Elizabeth who was a strict Methodist. It is no secret that … Continue reading

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Emily Brontee’s World

Since we are starting a little late for poetry month I thought I’d highlight one particular poet for the entire month and could find none other so deserving of such attention than Emily whose 200th anniversary of her birth was … Continue reading

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Gathering Leaves

by Robert Frost Spades take up leaves no better than spoons, And bags full of leaves, are light as balloons. I make a great noise of rustling all day Like rabbit and deer running away. But the mountains I raise … Continue reading

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9/11 seventeen years later

I believe for my regular readers it is common knowledge that I was on my very first grand castle tour when 9/11 happened. Many years have passed and the most memorable event for me was coming home to Denver a … Continue reading

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Rod McKuen was not only the preeminent poet of the 70s and a singer/songwriter- he happened to be born in the month of April! His most popular book was Stanyon Street & other Sorrows but he was quite prolific and … Continue reading

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