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Pot o’ Gold

May your pockets be heavy Your heart be light May good luck find you each morning and night May you have all the happiness life can hold May all your rainbows end with a pot of gold. http://evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com The Castle … Continue reading

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A Clear October Morning…

I chanced upon a poem years ago which expressed my dear love of autumn. I’ve written of it myself in poetry but this has become the quintessential fall rhyme for me. Enjoy along with me ! – The Castle Lady … Continue reading

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Odes for the Angels

Blessings from above often come in the form of angels from on high so I thought I’d take a moment to honor those who have been instrumental in turning my tides, towing me here and there, saving my skin and … Continue reading

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Eighteenth Century Poetry

To other themes my fancy now inclines, Thoughts of the by-gone years, the olden times, When the strong castle in its lofty pride Frowned o’er the sleeping woods that stretched beside; Here the fierce Conqueror from his victory came, Here … Continue reading

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Easter’s Purpose: Jesus Sacrificed for Redemption of Sin

We have lots of good reasons for celebrating holidays that sound so good when we hear them. Touted most often these days is the chance for a family to come together and act like a family. We once were a … Continue reading

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Heavenly Hills, Dales and Castles of West Hertfordshire

Tiny Hertfordshire is rife with a network of highways coursing through its primarily rural landscape boasting of over 90 towns and villages. Proximity to suburban East London doesn’t quite encroach, although Berkhamsted Castle once held a strategic position on the … Continue reading

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Mary’s Christmas Gift

We all know that Christmas is really centered on the fact of Jesus Christ’s birth in a humble town called Bethlehem more than two millenniums ago. The miraculous part of his birth should be as intriguing to us now as … Continue reading

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Sonorous Sudeley Castle

Thy sun is set, thy battlements are fallen, And sunk to ruin thy baronial hall, Once far-famed Sudeley! Waves the cross no more On thy reft towers; nor grins the leopard rude His feudal fierceness on thy tumbling roof. Sir … Continue reading

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Autumn is Harvest Time

Put together enough of the right elements and you can improve everything by taking it in the context of this special time of year we call fall or autumn. To me, there is something more special about this season than … Continue reading

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Song of the Last Flight

The poet who wrote this was the mother of a lifelong friend of my family, John Roddy. I did not know that John’s Mom was a published poet until she passed away more than a decade ago at the age … Continue reading

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