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9/11 seventeen years later

I believe for my regular readers it is common knowledge that I was on my very first grand castle tour when 9/11 happened. Many years have passed and the most memorable event for me was coming home to Denver a … Continue reading

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Venice in Snow

Winter has taken a vacation in Venice this year He was as welcome as death The children played and laughed in a different way All the politicians in Russia stopped laughing Colors in a Peter Maxx Faded to an almost … Continue reading

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Degradation of a Knight

     This painting of the Knights of the Garter proceeding from the Deanery depicts these well-honored men who were on their way to St. George’s Chapel on March 10th of 1863. It being 155 years ago to the date, I … Continue reading

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To My Mother

Each birthday is a precious gift             bestowed by Heaven above,                             Reminding us of God’s concern His kindness and His love! Miss you everyday more and more… Your daughter,  

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Autumn is Here

by William Kimball Flaccus Churchmen know not why the wild geese arise, With clamorous, harsh cries, And drift away to the dream-distant south; Why there is sleep over all the land, and drouth Of sap in the deep-rooted trees: And … Continue reading

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Pot o’ Gold

May your pockets be heavy Your heart be light May good luck find you each morning and night May you have all the happiness life can hold May all your rainbows end with a pot of gold. http://evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com The Castle … Continue reading

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A Clear October Morning…

I chanced upon a poem years ago which expressed my dear love of autumn. I’ve written of it myself in poetry but this has become the quintessential fall rhyme for me. Enjoy along with me ! – The Castle Lady … Continue reading

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Odes for the Angels

Blessings from above often come in the form of angels from on high so I thought I’d take a moment to honor those who have been instrumental in turning my tides, towing me here and there, saving my skin and … Continue reading

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Eighteenth Century Poetry

To other themes my fancy now inclines, Thoughts of the by-gone years, the olden times, When the strong castle in its lofty pride Frowned o’er the sleeping woods that stretched beside; Here the fierce Conqueror from his victory came, Here … Continue reading

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Easter’s Purpose: Jesus Sacrificed for Redemption of Sin

We have lots of good reasons for celebrating holidays that sound so good when we hear them. Touted most often these days is the chance for a family to come together and act like a family. We once were a … Continue reading

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