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Game 3- Wow ! GSW did it again !

Wow! What a game tonight was- and I could just tell KD- that’s Kevin Durant- would be a major cause of this 3/0 upset! Actually I’m not surprised but something I found on Twitter last Saturday did ! Check this … Continue reading

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Winters’ Tales and other bizarre coincidences…

I don’t know how many of my regular and occasional readers noticed the obit for Jonathan Winters in the paper or internet news last month but I found a really bizarre coincidence just by accident on the day they ran … Continue reading

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Spring Snow Day Fun!


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Summer Olympics 2012, Jubilee, Royal Wedding and a baby…

Even if you watched the Summer Olympics in London this year and have been diligent about keeping up with the news on English royalty you may still have missed the tidbit that Big Ben (the huge clock tower at the … Continue reading

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Why I Love Jaguars

They’re just so sexy….  fun on the road… easy to handle and when you drive around in an S-Type Jaguar everybody stares in wonderment of what make of car just passed by them! I know them on sight ! Hee … Continue reading

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The Skating Subculture

 Having once been a part of the roller-skating phenomenon which stretched from the late 70s clear into the mid-90s of the previous century I understand what makes skaters so dedicated and faithful to their pastime and/or lifestyle. As a world in … Continue reading

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Warwickshire’s Wonderful Hotels

Warwickshire has a rich supply of wonderful hotels- so many of them, in fact, that I’m only going to touch on a few that were so extraordinary I had to show them off. Highlighting a castle hotel is my stock … Continue reading

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Christmas Miracles

  It’s been quite a year of struggle, opposition and at times, just sheer bad luck. I have to be honest. The fact that I have survived 2011 makes me feel like I’m doing something right but I think I’m … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the NBA ?

2 words:     Lockout and the unforgiveable Pay to Play.     Oh for the good old days of Michael and insane salaries, huh ?   Hope springs eternal, The Castle Lady

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Look Back in Awe

                                  With the playoffs now a not so pleasant memory in the short distance, I decided to write a few thoughts on this season that might have escaped even the most astute fans of the Nuggets. I consider … Continue reading

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