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Hummingbirds- Nature’s Most Fascinating Creature

Encountering a hummingbird for the first time is one of the most unique experiences in memory for me. I remember it very well and it was bewildering, initially, and then I just felt awe. This tiny exquisite creature was beating … Continue reading

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The Passing of Ray Bradbury

This year has nearly toppled me over with the deaths of certain people who many will view as elderly. I hear it everyday practically. “They lived a good long life.” I take a different view on it all because I … Continue reading

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and whatever walked there, walked alone

Since I brought up the subject of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House in my final Warwickshire entry, regarding Ettington Hall, I thought I would give you a few profound or memorable excerpts and, if you like, check into … Continue reading

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