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Computing: A Hacker’s Dictionary

Eleven years ago, after having been improperly introduced to the world of computers a few years prior and not yet introduced to the internet but only the world of intranet, I found this enlightening, tongue-in-cheek dictionary designed to help people … Continue reading

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Have you ever owned one of these ? ? ?

     I’m wondering If I can get replacement parts for mine. Any suggestions ? I’ve looked all over the internet for the sellers and the manufacturers and all I found was a photo of it from a guy with the … Continue reading

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Zero Gravity, Recliner Seats, Convenient Internet… You’re Good to Go !

     The travel industry itself doesn’t generally come forth with very many clever ideas. Sometimes I feel that the airlines, coaches and other carriers for travel have forgotten they are carrying human beings. So when something comes along to make travel … Continue reading

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