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The Mountain Castle

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1748-1832) THERE stands on yonder high mountain A castle built of yore, Where once lurked horse and horseman In rear of gate and of door. Now door and gate are in ashes, And all around is … Continue reading

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Native American Heritage Month- Waniyetu Wi

It is strange that the Americans should complain that the Indians kill buffaloes. We kill buffaloes… for food and clothing… to keep our lodges warm. Your young men shoot for pleasure… What is this ! Is it robbery? You call … Continue reading

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Deciphering those Mysterious Celtic Languages….

I decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year by writing a little bit about the different branches of Celtic languages which are still spoken today. There are quite a few within Britain and one in the Amorican peninsula of … Continue reading

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Ode of a Dancing Girl

 I have, on a couple of occasions through the years, posted some poetry of Rabindranath Tagore who was an Indian poet, artist and philosopher. He kept to strong political opinions which did not fit in with his times or even his country … Continue reading

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The Owls

Ce poeme suivant je de’die’e a` m’ami bienestime’e, Danyel La Chouette ! – Le Chateau Demoiselle        by Roger Tory Peterson     by Charles Baudelaire     Under the yew tree’s heavy weight The owls stand in their sullen fashions, … Continue reading

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La France

I have enjoyed Michel Sardou’s music for many years as he is one singer I supremely admire for his passion and fire as much as the actual music. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who can sing like him today. … Continue reading

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The Sick Rose

by William Blake  O Rose thou art sick! The invisible worm               That flies in the night In the howling storm,                               Has found out thy bed Of crimson joy                                   And his dark secret love Does thy life destroy. … Continue reading

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Canto funebre- A Dirge- Un Canto cortege

  Per amico del mi cuore chi divorarsi di dolore- ma solo no- una poesia.- The Castle Lady      by Percy Bysshe Shelley   Rude vento, che diffondi in suon di pianto Un dolore troppo triste per un canto; Fiero vento … Continue reading

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