Yoga Month ? Yoga Life !

According to some travel news e-briefs I’ve been getting recently, this past month has been Yoga Month and I think awareness of this discipline is a great idea. For me, it’s been a Yoga life for more than two decades and to tell you the truth I don’t know how I coped with life and stress during my youngest years without this wonderful self-conceived routine on which I spend at least 15 to 25 minutes every day. I don’t know if I was a late comer or not, though. I remember doing Yoga-like moves along with the PBS Hatha Yoga program very early in life when I had to stay home from school, sick. Much is due, in part, to the dedication of my mother who did some form of floor exercises every morning when I was just a little girl and her practices impressed me so much I tried to follow her example by mimicking her moves. I didn’t particularly take it serious then but I noticed she was faithful to the practice.
You could say that Raquel Welch is the person who properly introduced me to a daily Yoga practice. I still follow a patterned but different routine each morning very much like a video she made back in 1986 which was titled A Week With Raquel. That set me on a course that I’ve followed ever since and practice every day no matter where I am at in the world. I think the best part is that absolutely anyone can start doing Yoga at any time of their life, no matter what shape they’re in, and works its magic as soon as they start. Diligence accompanied with a slice of time in the morning or night time will get a person going and keep them going long after they’ve given up on more difficult and time-consuming exercises and routines.
The simplicity of Yoga is another great feature of the routines which you can do anywhere including a small hotel room. You can do Yoga without running out of time and you dont have to wear anything special, either, but I recommend wearing loose-fitting or light sportswear that doesn’t bind. Comfort is the credo of Yoga and is just as much for de-stressing as whittling off the pounds. What’s more, hotels are starting to catch on and you’ll find those which provide sizable spaces where practitioners can go about their routines. Hotels from San Diego, Florida, and Aspen have caught on to the amount of travelers who practice and make every effort to make the reserved facilities as accessible and amenable as possible.
If you want to know more you can contact some Yoga studios in your area which will offer classes. There are numerous videos available to follow to learn the practice on your own and some books are quite comprehensive. Raquel’s accompanying book to her long form video titled Total Beauty and Fitness might still be available and another book I have perused for many years now in paperback form is Richard Hittelman’s Yoga: 28 day exercise plan. There are many others as well including local morning television programs usually in the early morning hours. A regular evening practice is excellent for de-stressing after a hard days work. That is entirely up to you and what you most want out of a program. Happy stretching !


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