Zero Gravity, Recliner Seats, Convenient Internet… You’re Good to Go !

     The travel industry itself doesn’t generally come forth with very many clever ideas. Sometimes I feel that the airlines, coaches and other carriers for travel have forgotten they are carrying human beings. So when something comes along to make travel a little easier or an innovative idea strikes me as particularly human friendly- especially in the comfort department- I like to pass it along for all those who can afford to take advantage of these niceties. Often, the innovative idea of one year eventually catches on and the new travel bag or invention becomes commonplace once the ideas and use comes into play.
     One such new innovation is the Zero Gravity recliner coming soon to a first class seat on a plane near you !  It is the latest in airplane seating and is one seriously comfy ride according to those who have tried it at a recent exhibition. B/E Aerospace, the creator, has just brought first class travel to a whole new level ! The seat elevates your knees above your heart to increase circulation flow, reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis and the larger angle between your pelvis and back will make it more comfortable than your own bed unless you own a Craftmatic™ or Tempurpedic™. It is not yet known which airlines will be introducing it but if you are game for the inevitable higher ticket price and you fly rather frequently you may have a chance to be one of the first to try it out in its true test environment. This invention comes in right on the heels of the general industry idea for coach standing seats ! GROAN !
     This interesting little number is good for long layovers. Especially for those who discount travel a lot because time is usually not a key factor. This great carry on is also a recliner seat- although probably not with the kind of comfort you have just seen above. There is a special technology plug in allowing you to use all your devices- notebooks, netbooks, iPods, etc. so you can lounge in a complete experience and wait for your ride. No matter how long the layover, you have everything you need to stay relaxed, entertained or keep up on work and colleagues.
     Have you seen the new Dell Inspiron Duo convertible? This device has really captured a need ! The convertible part is the fact that you can use it as a huge touch pad using duo Stage software or you can flip it open, turn the screen around and use the device like a laptop or  Dell’s Mini Netbook-  with full internet capabilities either way. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled and has some amazing desktop capabilities not seen in other similar small devices.
     A low cost iPhone accessory with a purpose is the PodFlexPro.  If you watch videos of any kind it’s a great little caddy to leave your hands free. It’s a shapeable holder which adjusts to any closely sized device and to hanging or sitting positions on tray tables, chair backs, gym equipment or backseat of a car.  You can check out to find out more. 
Traveling with convenience and comfortable companions,
The Castle Lady       

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3 Responses to Zero Gravity, Recliner Seats, Convenient Internet… You’re Good to Go !

  1. Carroll Dull says:

    Great Post, I love this.


  2. Miguel says:

    Gostei bastante da materia, é perfeitamente explicativo.


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