Love’s Summer

a poem by Evelyn M. Wallace

What happened to our summer of love ?
Searching in the sand
Starfish eluded my gaze
Who knows what they expected…

Later the boardwalk was so crowded
Searched for hours among the stalls
But he never appeared
It was late and time to leave


Fruit bowls were never so full   
Excessive heat made them overripe
So sweet that one raspberry was too much
I couldn’t finish all that I had started

The cup ran over and into my mouth
Sighing at the gentle storm
So full of sunshine and spray
Languishing upon a star-filled dream

I awoke to only sobbing and laughter
Disquieting in its ardor
I listened for signs of last night’s jazz
Then the song returned to me

On the radio….

dedicated to all the summer lovers everywhere


All rights reserved by author Evelyn M. Wallace

August 30,2012

The Castle Lady


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